“Want your manicures to last longer before chipping? Looking for a product that doesn’t add a ton of steps or time to your nail care routine? 2X Super Chip Resistance is an
affordable product with an impressive backstory that just may be perfect for you!”
Emily, Casual Contrast

“With the brands that I know don’t last on my nails, 2X definitely prevented chipping. I can now wear a couple of brands that I was previously not able to wear as base coats
because they chipped within hours of doing my nails, if I use 2X.”
Chelsea, Smacker Lacquer

“My feedback is definitely positive. Overall 2X seemed to increase polish durability,
improve application of polish (lessen appearance of brush-strokes), not increase dry time or make polish removal more difficult, and provided many applications per bottle.”
Laura, Empress Natural Gems

“I tested the product extensively for about a month under my regular base coat and came to the conclusion that it was indeed helping me with wear time. I was able to get at least two or three days of wear, which indeed doubled my normal wear time, without changing my bad habits. If I was more careful, I think this product might well help me reach 3-5 days from a normal mani.”
Arian, The Polished Hippy