About Us

Go Natural Nail Polish owner Norman Polston tests one of his products on his fingernails. Tyson Ritter/the eureka reporter

2X is a new and exciting product that will double the life of most nail polish.  A clear coating, 2X is applied to your clean, bare nails prior to applying polish and again after applying your top coat. 2X provides super chip resistance for most nail polishes.

Norman Polston, PhD is the inventor of 2X. Dr. Polston was on the Dupont team that created water-based house paint in the 1980’s.  He used that
technology to invent a water-based nail polish, initially marketed 15 years ago as Go Natural, and since then rebranded and sold under a variety of names.

Dr. Polston’s newest invention is guaranteed to make your life much easier. Market testing has proven that 2X will double the life of most polishes so that the user only needs to paint their nails half as often! We would like to hear from you.  What is your experience? Take a photo of your 2X nails and show us your “Super Nails”.