2X does what others only claim to do…double the life of your nail
polish. Try it for yourself and then tell us about your experience.
2X is a lavender-infused primer/sealer. This clear coating prevents most nail polish from chipping for for an extended period of time. 2X dries very quickly so it won’t add any time to your manicure. It does not make removing your nail polish more difficult.
Apply a thin coating of 2X to clean nails and then apply your polish and topcoat as you normally would.  Once the polish is dry, apply one final thin coat of 2X on top and your spectacular long-lasting manicure is set to go.
2X has been proven to double the life of most nail polishes. Please let us know how 2X is making your life easier. 

“This primer from 2x has been PERFECT. I tested the primer with normal polishes, without any art, and also with a kickass watermarble that I kept on for 8 days. That, my friends, is an actual record for me. I only had a little wear and tear toward the end, but it was more so the tips of my nails showing the white base underneath. No chipping in sight! I’m also
super excited to be able to say that the primer DOES NOT make removing your polish more difficult.”

– Velasha, Two Girls One Blush